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The Tribe | MaryTanEmpowers.com

Your Tribe

Welcome to YOUR tribe of intentional moms here to inspire the next generation of empowered, conscious and awakened leaders. They say it takes a village to raise a child. This tribe stands behind you, serving as your village of support. We hold the vision of what’s possible for the highest good. We believe in the values of empowerment, Truth, Light, Love and transformation. We know that re-membering the Source energy and inner presence within us is the key to true power.

Here are the ways to participate with the Global Movement to empower moms and kids to be their highest and best selves. Knowledge is power. Here are a few options to expand your awareness.


1. “The Empowered Child” is a book that details the EMPOWER Method. It offers specific tools and practices to help moms deal with challenging moments with added confidence. It also comes with tools specifically for your child to keep in her box for the rest of her life.

2. The member’s only training program shows you how to put it all into play in real life situations. It’s called, “The Empowered Child Leadership Program.” Find out more by scheduling a Strategy Session.

3. The Facebook page, The Empowered Child Tribe, is solely for the tribal community to grow in each other’s support.

Join us in the Global Movement for greater enlightenment, evolution and joy in the experience of becoming more of who we really are. There are no coincidences, only divine connections. Let us be the enlightened guides lighting the way for our young. As we embody our practices, we get to lead our child by example. Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you and thrilled to meet again.

With lots of love,
Mary Tan