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The Book | MaryTanEmpowers.com

Want your strong-willed yet hyper-sensitive child to listen the first time?

The Empowered Child is a valuable guide for conscious moms frustrated by a child who won’t follow directions and looking for a better way. Ever feel bad for losing control and screaming, only to contend with the guilt of being mean and the madness of a child who still won’t listen? Mary Tan shows you how to raise a child while staying cool, calm and collected so you can be the mom you’ve always wanted to be: patient, loving and in control. This guide came out of working with moms who wished life as a parent wasn’t so stressful.

This empowering guide is designed to show you:

  • The essential steps to handling conflict with your child so everyone can live happily ever after.
  • Why women suffer from mommy guilt and how to stop beating yourself up for not having it all figured out.
  • How to stop cycling in the circles of stress and frustration so you can finally enjoy being a mom again.
  • How to feel great about being an effective mom and raise a powerful child who listens.
  • How to put the power back into your hands without losing your cool.

If you’re ready to finally step into your power as a conscious mom who can lead her child with less stress, then get this book today! It’s like reading Michael Bernard Beckwith meets Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s fun, effective and enlightening.