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The Empowered Child

Want to learn how to handle conflict in a way that leaves everyone feeling good in the end? This Best Selling book came out of working with moms who wished life as a parent wasn’t so stressful.

Leadership Program

Want your strong willed yet hyper sensitive child to listen the first time?
Find out how to put the power back into your hands without losing your cool.

Did anyone mention that raising a child is challenging?  Well, you heard it here first!  It’s even more difficult if you don’t have the tools.  One minute your child is hyper-sensitive and the next she’s strong-willed. What’s that all about?  It’s making you want to pull your hair out. Isn’t it bad enough it’s turning grey from stress?  Help, Please!  Let’s get those tools of empowerment into your hands so you can regain confidence and enjoy being a mom again.  You absolutely can raise your child with less stress.  Join us and I’ll send you a free 3-part video series with some of the tips from the book.


Mary Tan is the “Real Deal” and she walks her talk! You will benefit from her insights, wisdom, and inspiration that she has gathered over the years, which she now shares with you in this book and coaching program. Buckle up and enjoy!

Ruben Mata

International Speaker, Trainer, Author , Founder, StandDevelopmentFoundation.com

Mary Tan

Mary Tan

Mary Tan is the founder of the Light Warrior School, an institution for children.  With over a decade of coaching, training and speaking experience, she is most passionate about helping moms coach their sensitive yet strong-willed children through emotional challenges with greater confidence.  She lives in SoCal with her husband raising two little warriors of her own.  When she’s not working, you’ll find her having a salsa dance party in the living room with her daughters.

You can connect with her on Facebook, The Empowered Child Tribe, or email at Mary@Mary-Tan.com